Andy Pettit – Oliver

Andrew Petit is a Bay Area native and has lived in San Francisco for over twenty-five years.  He has been involved in theater since a young age.  Working with such companies as CCMT, DLOC, and Benicia Old Town Theater Group in the Far East Bay.  In San Francisco, Mr. Pettit has been seen as Iron Stud in Theater Rhinoceroses’ Cyberqueer and is well known for his role of Santa Bear in Tenderloin Xmas Hustler, where he worked with the amazing Raya Light. Mr. Pettit is also a founding member of Stark Ravens Theatrical Company, where he’s directed, co-wrote and starred in several stage productions and traditional Christmas Pantomimes. Famous for his role as the Dormouse in Alice in Wonderland as well as Cinderella’s wicked Step-sister, Flatulencia, in an original production of Aladdin Meets the Monkey King.
One of his passions is Commedia del’arte. He’s worked with La Perduta Commedia and is cofounder of Famiglia Formaggio and Famiglia Al Dente. His stock characters include Arlecchino, Lelio and Mama. Along with good friends Todi and Julie, Mr. Pettit is a founding member (and still in good standing!) of the comedy troupe, Ballet Russe. No ballet training required, only a desire to be silly, make noise and have a good, bad Russian accent! Ballet Russe has been seen cymbalically crashing (typo intended) throughout Old Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa and Merry Ol’ England.
Most all of Mr. Pettit’s experience and training comes from living the life of an actor and performer. His paycheck, on the other hand, comes from being a desk jockey with the City of San Francisco. He is thrilled to be working with The Speakeasy and thanks the staff, actors and crew for such a wonderful experience.