Stefani Pelletier – Company Manager, Stage Manager

Stefani has spent most of her performance life on stage or in front of the camera. The Speakeasy has given her an opportunity to step into the technical side of the theatrical experience as a Production Assistant, then Stage Manager, and now as the Company Manager – though she still hops in as a stage manager or floor manager from time to time. She’s performed for many years with the Great Dickens Christmas Fair & Holiday Party both as a cancan dancer & co-director for Le Cancan Bijou, and as an obstinate fairy in the Holiday Pantomime. When not dancing on boxes in clubs she can be found dancing as part of the illustrious Decobelles annually with the Gatsby Summer Afternoon and the Art Deco Preservation Ball and various other private events throughout the region. What little free time she has is usually spent working on other projects as a production assistant, performer, DJ, photographer, filmmaker, or simply traveling the world in search of other¬†mind-bending¬†immersive productions yet to be experienced.