Anthone Jackson – Roland

Anthone Jackson is humbled and blessed to have an opportunity to share his gifts on stage. Singing since the age of 4 in church, Mr. Jackson has had the opportunity to sing in various venues, even recording under the alias Durell. Over the last few years Mr. Jackson has reclaimed his love for the theatre and is driving full steam ahead. Notable productions have included Mister in The Color Purple at Hillbarn Theatre; Curtis in Dreamgirls at Broadway By the Bay; Prince Charming in Cinderella with The African American Shakespeare Company; James in Lord Why Can’t I Do Right? with Make You Famous Entertainment; Flick in Violet with Tabard Theatre; and most recently Tom in To Kill A Mockingbird at Hillbarn and Bobby in Memphis with Tabard Theatre. When not acting on stage, Mr. Jackson enjoys singing with various church choirs (Transformed Through Hope Ministries, Emmanuel Baptist Church, and GMWA Young Adult Voices) and doing background vocals for amazing artists throughout the Bay Area such as Tracy Cruz and Prince “Black Magic” Damons. Mr. Jackson graduated from Morehouse College and then acquired his Masters degree from JFK University. Working as a therapist with great students is what Mr. Jackson does throughout his daily life. He also enjoys playing football with an outreach program that goes into the local prisons, and mentors college students through the East Bay College Fund.