Jennifer Kern – Victoria, Valentine

Jennifer Kern has always been a mover and performer. Beginning as a gymnast at the young age of 3, and quickly progressing to a competitive level by the age of 8. It wasn’t long after competing in front of an audience and judges that she realized her love was for performance and started training in theater and dance in the Sacramento area. After working for passion and profession locally, Jennifer moved to NYC to quench her thirst for more training and opportunity. Her NY career led her to many opportunities including performing with world renowned magicians Kalin and Jinger. Jennifer developed an interest in expressing her own voice through movement, and co-created Bourbon&Lace cabaret company in 2012 in New York City which combined comedy, acting, audience interaction and at the heart of it all, dance. More recently, Jenn has been studying less theatrical and more contemporary movement. Beyond the stage, Jennifer is passionate about holistic health and wellness. She teaches Yoga, Pilates and her Wellness Design practices nationwide.