Rasa Hill – Tom, Sal

Rasa Hill, having brought fictitious people to life since 1975, walks into The Speakeasy at the end of a long and very strange road. Sublime moments have included those of deep friendship (Enter The King, Meeting Across The River, Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead), unconditional love (The Silence Of Stan, Scrooge, Candida, Seymour, An Introduction) and profound family (Who’s Happy Now, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Fool For Love, Death Of A Salesman, Awake And Sing!). Bloody breakthroughs have arrived like clockwork in the form of laughter (Finger Food, As You Like It, Arcadia, Henry IV Part 1, Saint Hugo Of Central Park, How The Other Half Loves, Moon Over Miami), tears (The Elephant Man, QED, Shimmer, Enemies, Vieux Carre) and occasionally having to burn his own house down (Dirty Simpleton, Detroit, Marat/Sade, Buried Child, A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg). Through it all his favorite role continues to be pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. That and fighting evil giants posing as windmills. He wishes to thank NY, LA and Austin for getting him to North Beach.