Rick Brown – Musician: Trombone

Rick was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where here started playing trombone at age ten, in the Oakdale Elementary School band when he was in fifth grade. He performed on solo trombone in front of his school while in 6th grade, accompanied on piano by his music teacher, Darwin Snyder. Upon returning to his class, Rick was surprised at how much his fellow students loved the performance, impressing him deeply with their appreciation. Rick studied trombone with Art Jenson, while attending Valley View Junior High, performing in the Big Band, Concert Band, and Dixieland ensembles. While Rick played in the Westside High School Jazz Band, and Concert bands, he was also performing in the local R&B, and Funk bands of Omaha. After completing High School, Rick moved to Boston, went to Berklee College of Music, studied Music Theory, Composition and Arranging, took private lessons with Phil Wilson, Tony Lada and studied off campus with Charlie Banacos and Raul DeSouza. While attending the University of Nebraska for four years, Rick studied ethnomusicology, trombone, took classical flute lessons for two years with Barb Leibundguth and also performed locally with Omaha jazz legend, Luigi Waites. Drawing inspiration from many musical cultures, Rick sang at Native Powwows and cultural and traditional events among several Plains tribes, specifically the Lakota Sioux and Omaha tribes, for over thirty-five years. Rick has also studied with W.A. Mathieu since 2004. Rick moved to the Bay area 5 years ago and performed on the Ney, in traditional Turkish musical ensembles. Currently, Rick plays trombone with Latin Rhythm Boys, Gary Flores, The Kelly Park Big Band, and many other conglomerations of Jazz and Latin Jazz.