Event: Night at the Palace

A Night for Party and Celebration!

If you like being immersed in character interactions and pulled into storylines, then this is the event for you! During “A Night at the Palace,” the cabaret show is swinging, Velma Louise Cole is belting out her signature numbers, Eddie is delivering classic vaudeville routines, and the beautiful chorus girls are kicking up their gorgeous gams. And around every corner you’ll find bootleggers, con men, gangsters, flappers, floozies, and other outlandish characters. You never know who you might be talking to!

Welcome to the world of “The Speakeasy,” but without all of the drama. The cocktails are still cold and strong, the casino games are still hot, and the focus is on the fun. Some call it “Speakeasy: The Party”. Whatever you call it, it’s a romp of a good time, and great for groups, get-togethers, date nights, and other celebrations. Get your glad rags on — tonight is gonna be the cat’s meow!


Admission to The Palace $70

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Night at the Palace, and what happens?

 “A Night at the Palace” is a social spin off from “The Speakeasy.” Designed with larger groups in mind, and for those who want a more relaxed environment, the event is perfect for groups, parties, celebrations, and those looking to immerse themselves in the 1920’s without all the drama. In the Cabaret we present two authentic Vaudeville shows, one at 8:30pm, and the other at 10:00pm; each distinct show features a different line-up of 1920s songs, dance numbers, comedy routines, and variety acts. In between, there is plenty of dancing! In the Casino, the black jack, craps, and roulette tables are open all night for uninterrupted gaming (for entertainment only). Throughout the space, a variety of characters such as Sal & Eloise (the owners of the joint), Cliff and Leland (a pair of moonshiners), Dorothy (a drunken flapper), and many others have impromptu scenes with audience members and perform excerpts from “The Speakeasy.” This experience is less focused on story and narrative and more on a social party.

Is there actually a dress code?

Yes. The official dress code is: “Cocktail attire required, vintage preferred.” Think beaded dresses and feather headbands, or suspenders, ties, bow ties, and fedoras. Absolutely no jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, or casual clothing. Patrons not properly dressed will be required to rent costumes or accessories before entering the club.

Is “A Night at the Palace” considered immersive theatre?

Absolutely! Guests are transported to the 1920’s after entering our meticulously recreated prohibition club. We take great pains to ensure that nothing breaks the illusion. Cellphones, credit cards, and other modern devices are not used inside the club. 

What’s the difference between “A Night at the Palace” and “The Speakeasy”?

“The Speakeasy” is our flagship immersive theatrical experience. It includes a tapestry of storylines occurring simultaneously. “A Night at the Palace” is less densely woven, more relaxed and focuses on the social elements of the show. There is more audience interaction and improvisation. It is well suited for large groups and those celebrating special occasions. 

Is this basically a bar with a very high cover charge?

Not at all. Although our cocktails have been very well reviewed, the experience we offer is a cabaret show, a dance party, a casino, immersive theatrical entertainment, and impromptu character interactions all rolled into one. There is nothing else like this in the world. 

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