Bar tabs

Use the link below to set up a bar tab before you arrive at the club – You have until 3pm on the day of your scheduled visit to create or make any updates. Share the link below with any members of your party who would like to open their own bar tab.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we preauthorize your card for up to $75 when you set up a tab. This is not a final charge, and it will drop off of your credit card statement and be replaced with your final charge within a few days of your visit, per the policies of your card issuer.

Absolutely. We take this quite seriously. Not only is your account password protected, the payment information is “tokenized” and stored with one of the most trusted payment gateways available.

Not only does this policy preserve the carefully cultivated atmosphere of The Speakeasy, it also ensures a smooth experience for all visitors. No need to fuss with receipts, cards, signatures, etc. – just relax and enjoy your trip to 1927.

Not to worry. You’ll still be able to set up your bar tab when you arrive to the club. However, please note that you will experience a short delay in receiving your first round of drinks.

Tell your friends to visit this page and to create an account and add a card on file. They must complete this process by 3pm on the day of their visit in order to have an active bar tab.

Upon entry, you’ll receive a written prescription which you’ll present to your servers, bartenders, and casino dealers for any purchases you’d like to make. Hold tight to it, and inform a staff member immediately if you misplace yours.

No need to worry. Your tab will automatically be closed at the end of the night, there is nothing to sign and an 18% Service Fee will be added to all purchases. You’ll receive an itemized receipt via electronic telegram, charges will show as Boxcar Theatre on your banking statement.