General: Costume Rentals


Especially for out-of-town visitors who may not have come to San Francisco prepared for a 1920s experience — or for locals who desire an authentic look — The Palace Theater is pleased to offer costumes for rent. Images below are samples from our inventory; most garments are unique, many are vintage, and not all are available in a wide range of sizes.

HOW TO PURCHASE: Costumes may be added to your cart when you purchase your event tickets. If you already have tickets to a Palace Theater event, or are renting for an outside event, you may complete your transaction by clicking here. A wardrobe staff member will then contact you for measurements and to arrange for you to come in and select your costume.

Full details regarding costume fitting, delivery, return, deposit, and more can be found in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

The “Genevieve” – Black and gold scalloped lace party dress adorned with beautiful hand sewn sequins, best suited for the flirty types. Accessories include: shoes, shawl, costume jewelry, and feathered headband. Please provide hose and clutch. Price: $125
The “Grace” – For the more modest lady, this floral silk burnout dress is both comfortable and flattering. It is accompanied by a teal hand beaded shawl with sleeves. Accessories include: shoes, shawl, costume jewelry, and hat. Please provide hose and clutch. Price: $125
The “Gabrielle” – For the sexy yet classy type, this black lace cocktail dress shows off all the right places. The back is low and and sleeves are elbow length. Accessories include: shoes, costume jewelry, and headband. Please provide hose and clutch. Price: $125

The Speakeasy also recommends the excellent costumes for rent (and for sale) from our friends at Decades of Fashion, where the code word “Glad Rags” gets you a small add-on with your purchase. Stop by their shop for the full experience, or drop a line to our wardrobe department, to see which option is right for you.


You have found it at last: the ultimate way to experience “The Speakeasy”. When you rent a costumed character, not only do we dress you to the nines, we guarantee that you will be a participant in a scene with one or more of our cast members. Choose from one of the looks / experiences below and add it to your cart on check-out, or click here if you have already purchased your tickets.

The Racehorse Owner – Get ready for the Midnight Ride at Ingleside! As the horse race owner of the crowd favorite, you will be dressed in vintage Derby style, and treated to reserved seats in the cabaret and champagne. Keep your eye on our Director of Hospitality, Mickey, who will bring you to Sal’s office at the designated time to tune into the big race on the radio as your friends watch on. Price: $250, not including admission tickets.
The Madam – As the proprietress of the Belle Epoque, San Francisco’s swankiest Jazz Age cat house, you will revel in your rank as Speakeasy royalty. Your vintage dress comes accessorized with shoes, shawl, costume jewelry, and jeweled headband (please provide hose and clutch). A reserved booth in the Cabaret awaits, where you will enjoy complimentary caviar and up to four complimentary beverages. For your gaming enjoyment, we include a double-stack of chips when you visit the Casino. Price: $500, not including admission tickets.
The Mayor – Be treated to the ultimate VIP experience as San Francisco’s Mayor Sunny Jim. Vintage costume, magesterial insignia, reserved cabaret booth, caviar, and up to four drinks on the house are some of the amenities. For your gaming enjoyment, we include a double-stack of chips when you visit the Casino. Plus a special visit from Sal, who owns the joint. Price: $500, not including admission tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I pick-up my costume?

As early as the Monday before your scheduled performance (subject to availability).

I don’t live in San Francisco; can you mail my costume rental?

Yes! For an additional fee (based on actual shipping charges) we can mail the costume to you. **Please note, as with any online or catalog clothing purchase, there is a possibility of fit issues. Make sure you are as accurate as possible when sending sizes.

Can I just change at the theatre immediately before my performance?

Yes! We have a changing room, and a designated area to store your street clothes. We will schedule your costume rental 30 minutes prior to your check-in time.

Do I have to leave a security deposit?

No. However, with each rental there is a contract that must be signed before releasing the costume. The contract clearly states the replacement cost of each item, and notes that if anything is damaged beyond repair, not returned, etc, the card on file will be charged the amount stated on the contract.

I have a basic costume, but could use some sprucing up. Can I rent just the accessories?

Yes! We have accessories packages available for rent at $30, and for purchase at $50. The women’s package includes: Headband, gloves, and costume jewelry. The men’s package includes: bow tie, suspenders, and hat (top hat or derby for rental; newsboy cap for purchase).

Is there really a dress code?

Yes. To allow our guests to be fully immersed, our dress code is strictly enforced. 1920’s apparel is preferred; cocktail attire is REQUIRED. Absolutely no tennis shoes, yoga pants, T-shirts, denim, or other casual clothes are allowed. Cocktail attire includes a button down collared shirt and tie with slacks and dress shoes; or cocktail style dresses and dress shoes.

Costumes and accessories are available for rent and purchase. See our costume rental page or contact The Dressing Room at