Dozens of journalists agree: “The Speakeasy” is extraordinary!

It could be easy for a moment to might think you’re stepping into an old movie.
An extraordinary night out, The Speakeasy is both a time warp and a head trip.
“The overall experience of seeing this show is so delightful … The Speakeasy deserves to be a fixture in the Bay Area theater scene.”
“‘The Speakeasy’ is everything I love about San Francisco.”
The city’s most beloved not-so-secret gin joint.
A voyeur’s playland.
“The verdict: absolute a must-see”
“The Top 10 FOMO Events in San Francisco”
“You find yourself inside a gambling den and cabaret that’s been filled to the brim with bathtub hooch. Outside, Prohibition has cleaned the streets but you’re a member of the 1920s social elite — low on morals and high on strong cocktails.
I spent a lot of time trying to find The Next Big Thing in theater. Boxcar Theatre’s new production, The Speakeasy, is giving the S.F. theater scene some much-needed much ado…I am thrilled to say that The Speakeasy makes a strong case for being the best bar in San Francisco.
“It didn’t really hit me just how perfect The Speakeasy’s reproduction of a 1920s cabaret was until I went to the bathroom about halfway through the show.”
“Everyone has a story — it is simply a matter of listening closely enough. Much like the lives of so many San Franciscans, The Speakeasy is the product of years sunken into a crazy dream. Accordingly, the play is a triumph.”
“If you’re looking for a little culture this weekend head to Chinatown Friday night.”
“The Speakeasy is a cross between a bar, interactive theatre, and a time machine”
“Uncover the darker side of the prohibition era
“A hipster version of “Beach Blanket Babylon” as forbidden cocktails flow, flappers flap and gamblers roll the dice.
“We the audience, compliant in cocktail or period attire, drifted through various rooms and hallways — the bar, the casino, the cabaret and more — at our own volition.”
“If you’ve spent time exploring the Bay Area theater scene over the past few years, chances are you know—and love—The Speakeasy … “
It’s easy to see why ‘The Speakeasy’ is the hottest ticket in town
“But in this casual combination of performers and audiences who often come outfitted in period outfits, you’re never quite sure if you’re mingling with cast or customers. “
“There’s 14 1/2 hours worth of material available in a 3 1/2 hour period of time”
“‘The Speakeasy’ is more aptly compared to the most stratospheric productions of Grand Opera than other contemporary theatrical efforts.”
“…this iteration includes a bit about closeted homosexuals getting busted by cops, not to mention some discussion about segregation and racial tensions when an African-American singer is invited to sit on a stool at the bar because it’s his birthday.”
“The new equity crowdfunding rules are going to transform a lot of industries, but the potential impact on commercial theater is truly profound”
“. And more important for our drinking purposes: at more than three times the original production’s size, the new location will host two bars and up to 250 audience members a night.”
“The concept proved popular when it debuted in the Tenderloin last year and ran for five months”
“At one point in the first act, a character slides open a bookcase to reveal the hidden casino, which erupts with hubbub and conversation and convincingly dies down once the sliding bookcase is returned to normal”
“Plus, of course, old-timey cocktails.”
“”The Speakeasy” is Boxcar Theatre’s most ambitious endeavor yet; it is an immersive, historically precise, site-specific experience that is unique. “
“A theatre experience like no other”
As feather-clad women shimmy around me, a lavishly dressed waiter escorts me to a table perfectly angled for watching cabaret performers high-kick their way through a dance number.
The Speakeasy — an incredibly accomplished, detail-oriented immersive theatrical event presented and performed by a large, talented, and thoroughly committed cast and crew … scintillating entertainment
Dicen que cualquier pasado fue mejor y si bien esa afirmación no es del todo correcta… ¿has pensado alguna vez, al visitar una nueva ciudad, como habría sido pasear por sus calles durante su época de esplendor?
If you’re game and you respond well or even take initiative with talking to cast members, then you can have some fun, unique “scenes”
“A classy, spellbinding show…”
“Part of the wonder of The Speak- easy is that it’s a different experience every time you visit. I’ve been three times, and have been completely caught up in it each time.” – Broke Ass Stuart