Speakeasy: Production Credits

Created By
Nick A. Olivero

Written By
Bennett Fisher & Nick A. Olivero

Directed By
Michael French, Leah Gardner, Erin Gilley & Nick A. Olivero

Scenic Design
Geoffrey Libby & Nick A. Olivero

Musical Direction
Benjamin Prince
Elizabeth Etler & Kimberly Lester
Costume Design
Abra Berman & Jackee Princeau
Lighting Design
Allen Willner
Gabe Maxson & Brad Peterson
Sound Design
Matthew Stines
Properties Design
Kyle Nitchy
Fight Director
Mark Gabriel Kenney
Movement Director
Deborah Eliezer
Resident Music Director
Max Schroeder
Casting Director
Dena Martinez
Zachary Kopciak
Production Manager
Megan Sada
Company Manager
Stefani Pelletier
Bar Manager
Jared Williams
Front of House Manager
Leah C. Gardner
Consulting Producer
Gregory Bonsignore

General Manager
David Gluck

Produced By
David Gluck, Geoffrey Libby & Nick A. Olivero

in association with Boxcar Theatre

The Speakeasy opened in its current production on October 1, 2016, at The Palace Theater, in San Francisco.

The Speakeasy received its premier production from January 10, 2014 to June 21, 2014 for a total of 75 performances, at Boxcar Studios in San Francisco. David Gluck, Geoffrey Libby, Nick A. Olivero, and Peter Ruocco, producers, in association with Boxcar Theatre.


(bold type indicates Opening Night cast)

Archie Austin PierceDavid Kait, Adam Simpson, Brian Martin, Max Forman-Mullin
Bosley the Magnificent David Magidson
Charley Konnor HerediaDerrick Gomez, August Browning, Anthony Agresti,  Liam Robertson
Charlotte Kathleen McHattonMary Werntz, Rachael Richman, Cecilia Palmtag,
Cliff Brian Martin, Aaron Martinson
Clyde Correll Barca-Hall, Daniel Milwaine, Brent King, Gabriel A. Ross
Dick Joseph Prata,  Tim Garcia, Brian Martin, Dustin Katz, Chris Steele,
Dorothy Anna KriegCecilia Palmtag,  Jessica Lea Risco, Leah Gardner, Jennifer Cleary
Eddie Ben MullerNathan Marken, Burt Nesor, Anthony Cistaro, Nick A. Olivero
Eloise Kim Schroeder LongHolly Silk, Lauren Lorentz, Sarah SavageCarole Swann
Eugene Nathan MarkenEmma Peel, Chris SteeleRobert Molossi
Evelyn Caitlyn Tella, Theresa Miller, Joanna Kay
Floyd Liam Callister, Tavis Kammet, Sam O’Brien, Brian Raffi
George Catz ForsmanRobert Faltisco, Malcolm Rodgers, John Hale
Harold Nikolai LokteffCJ Smith, Kenneth Heaton, Nick A. Olivero
Harry Chris Morrell, Mark Vashro, August Browning, Justin LiszanckieSteve Mallers
Herman Jason Delodovici, Zachary Eulberg, Jacob de Heer, Will LuriéAustin Pierce
Jeffries Sam O’Brien, Ben Muller, Jeffrey Weissman, Clay David, Lol Levy, Brian Rosen
Jimmy Peter Malmquist, Sage Georgevitch-Castellanos, Dustin Katz, Aaron Kitchin, Niels Thorup, Nigel Berkeley
Johnnie Christian AcunaJoe Yiakis, Oscar Berry, Jonah Broscow, Joaquín Crawford, Theo Marvin, Violet Gluck
Leland Nick Dickson, Jason PienkowskiBrian Miller, Sam O’Brien
Mac Dominick Palamenti, Joseph SummaRick Roitinger, Cooper Carlson, Geoffrey N. Libby, Nick A. Olivero
Mickey Kyle Goldman, Brian Raffi, Thomas Cokenias, Nick A. Olivero
Oliver Nick A. OliveroBrian Rosen, Gary Grossman, Jonathan Deline, Andy Pettit
Roland Stephen Wilson, Robert Henry Johnson, Anthone Jackson
Rose CC SheldonAnnie Dick, Leighann Cannon, Ali Haas, Lauren Lorentz, Megan Wicks, Caroline Portante
Ruth Jean ForsmanMary Samson, Jean Forsman, Barbara Pond, Christine Sheppard
Pit Boss Marty Lee Jones, Tomas Roman, Mark Ransdell, Don Hardwick,
Sal Mark Nassar, John HaleTomas Roman, Rasa Hill
Sarah Violet Gluck, Zara KirkSydney Mersch, Alana Moore, Edythe Dunn, Alina Lucas, Charley Peebler
Tom Rasa Hill, Catz Forsman
Valentine Claire Pearson, Ciera Eis,Jennifer KernMichelle HairElizabeth Etler
Velma Em Lee ReavesMegan Wicks, Lauren Lorentz, Nikola Printz
Veronica CC Sheldon, Monica Lenk
Victoria Jennifer KernSidney Spiegel, Melissa Rivera
Vinnie Alfred Muller, Fred Larsen
Viola Deidre Rose, Hannah Jester, Jessica WaldmanSaskia Marguerite
Violet Katie Lavelle, Allie Coupe, Jennifer Morrison, Jessica Uher
Virginia Sidney SpiegelBaily Hopkins, Katherine Paige, Kimberly Lester
Vivian Jessica Uher, Cindy HeadLauren Lorentz
Specialty Acts Hunny Bunny, Tyler Parks, Lynx Kim, Kevin Blake, Justin Therrien


Piano – Bar Nick Perez, Max Schroeder, Eric Shifrin, Julian Shipp
Piano – Cabaret Ben Prince, Daniel Savio, Joseph WillcocksonMax Schroeder
Cornet Franklin Davis, Rob Dehlinger, Andrew Stephens, Noel Weidkamp
Trombone David Otey, Chuck Bennett, Rick Brown, Larry Leight
Clarinet Hal Richards, Joe Del Chairo, Nick DiScala, Dick Mathias, Don Neely, Renée Deeter
Bass James Coyne, Chris Lorentz, Mark Culbertson, Tim Kelly, Doug Stuart, Colin Williams, Marty Eggers, Bob Steele
Drums Russell Gold, Robert Hamaker, Rob Hart, Andrew Kierbal, Andrew Maguire, Ben Payson, Matt Schory, Mark Lee, Chris Lauf

Casino Dealers
Andy Feiferak, Michael Hussey, Brent King, Correll Barca-Hall, Garrett Tom, Stacy Hanssen, Sean Surefield, Anthony Persico, Jeff Sobolow, Dale Chung, Paul Crist, Korene Tom

Stage Management
Ada May, Adrian Del Riego, Alison Collins, Laura Danek, Kayleigh LaymonAlina Novotny, Casey NuckolsStefani PelletierAmy Roberts, Laney Harrison, Mallory Penney


Assistant Directors Jeffrey Hoffman, Don Hardwick
Assistant Music Directors Nicholas Perez, Max Schroeder
Assistant Sound Designer James Ard
Assistant to Creative Director Marissa Elaine Parkes
Makeup & Wig Stylist Kendra Johnson
Props Assistants Lauren Lorentz, Cindy Head
Props Research Patrick Gabrielli, Noah Kramer
Speakeasy Logo Designer Cheshire Isaacs
TPT Logo & Type Designer Alex Varanese
Original Head Writer Barry Eitel


Master Carpenters Dave Gardner, E.T. Hazzard
Scenic Carpenters Mark Alovert, Scott Bryan, Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor, Wolfram Engle, Jenny Frost, William Gering, Brieanna Giordano, Loid M. Loid, Gabriel Benito-Anthoney Martinez, John McMillin, Michael Meehan, Francisco Javier Mesa, Cleveland Motley, Matthew Puffer
Master Electricians Hamilton Guillen, Jason Predock, Kevin Sweetser
Theatrical Electricians Douglas Briney, Christopher Cosley, Mitchell Cramond, Michael Davis, Glenn Davy, Eli Ghini, Seth Gorin, Jeff Hansen, Conrad Hubner, Mitchell Jakubka, Joey Postil, William Poulin, Tucker Predock, Kyle Slaugh, Quinn Shepherd, James Washburn, Alexander White, Audrey Wright
Scenic Charge Artist Lauren Sutton-Beattie
Scenic Painters Monica Bowker, Maya Linke, Michelle Long-Pamintian, Kelsey Lytle, Adeline Smith, Audrey Wright
Specialty Painter Rhea Adri
Costumers Autumn Adamme, Marina Agaabeckov, Rachel Heiman, Jackee Princeau
Wardrobe Supervisor Jackee Princeau
Wardrobe Staff Kaethe Carney, Jamie Farnik
House Technicians Jamie Harkin, Cody Polega
Child Wranglers Nicole Jenkins, Jennifer Morrison, Claire Whyler, Zoe Rosenfeld, Kristen Wilson, Karri Barney, Lindsay Ferguson
Fabric Artisans RayRay Riggin, Brittany White
Sound System Installation Tony Gonzalez
Voiceover Recording Disher Sound
Steel Fabrication Jorge Gimenez
Gaming Table Fabrication Wayland Engle
Cabaret Table Lamp System Jorge Gimenez


Venue Supervisor
Geoffrey Libby

General Contractor
Hilbers Inc.

TannerHecht Associates
Wong Logan Architects

Lighting System Design
Max Pierson
Sound System Design
Kevin Sweetser
Acoustician Tim Schmidt
Theatrical Rigging Design Nathan Holguin
Bar Top Design Katie Gong
Bar Consultants Kelly Caldwell, Evans Horn, Tim Felkner, Chris Libby
LAN Design & Installation John Schuster, Patrick Roth


Bar Program Developed By
Geoffrey Libby

Catering Provided By
Central Station Delicatessen
Caffe Trieste

Box Office Manager Dora Daniels
Box Office Associates Jennifer Bunnell, Victoria FarlowDavid Magidson, Biz Roussev
Front of House Associates Nina Danilyan, David Secour, Claire Whyler, Kelsey Custard, Quincy Krashna, Davide Sahner, Todd Geist, Loraine Jayme
Casino/Photo Booth Manager Andy Feifarek
Head of Security Jonathan


John B. Hill

Marketing Associate
Baily Hopkins

Website Development
James T. Platt
Brian Rosen

Peter Liu
Andy Feifarek
Kim Huynh
Brad Smith


Banking Representative
Liz Pham, California Bank of Commerce

Legal Counsel
Laura Anthony, Legal & Compliance LLC
David Egdal, Shartsis Friese
Matthew Gluck, Gluck Daniel
Laura Mask, Shartsis Friese
Owen Seitel, Crown LLC
Rick Warren

Permit Consulting
Larry Badiner
Carrie Peters

Kat Meeler
James T. Platt

Tax Preparation
Regalia & Associates
Jason Tyra, CPA

Equity Crowdfunding


The Speakeasy would not exist without the extraordinary vision, commitment, and efforts of Jeff Lee and Chris Wight, principals of Cypress Properties Group and owners of 644 Broadway. They have tirelessly made connections, shared their expertise, swept aside obstacles, and offered a seemingly inexhaustible supply of creative solutions. They are among the true heroes of the Speakeasy story.


To the associates of Cypress Properties, especially Pius Lee, Bill Schmitt, Cindy Machado, Christine Silva-Netto, David Scanlon, and Tony Bakos, who have supported this project in ways too numerous to list.

To Liz Pham, Vivian Mui, and Steven E. Shelton of California Bank of Commerce, who were not scared off by the unique nature of this business and found a way to meet our borrowing needs.

To Mike Norman, Nick Tommarello, and the staff of WeFunder, who raised almost a half-million dollars for the project—and did it with style!

To John Berg, Bo Jacobson, Yoni Koenig, and our incredible creative team at Swirl, who have been so generous with their time and talents.

To our neighbors at 644 Broadway, who have accommodated construction noise and dust, comings and goings at all hours, and the invasion of their space as our creative process expanded throughout the building: Tom Disher and the staff of Disher Sound; Michelle Turnure-Salleo, Amanda Todd and the artists and staff of the San Francisco Film Society’s FilmHouse project; the many filmmakers of FilmHouseX, not least of all Josh Murphy, Dan Damman, and Chris Thomas; and George Chen, Richard Miyashiro, Janine Shiota, and the entire leadership team at China Live.

To Carla Dal Mas of TannerHecht Associates, our project architect, who doggedly ran down a “vintage” solution to every one of San Francisco’s innumerable building code requirements; and to firm owner David Hecht, the tireless embodiment of the phrase “a labor of love”.

To Supervisor Aaron Peskin for helping bring more art to North Beach, and to Connie Chan in his office for serving as our guardian angel as we navigated the process of obtaining city approvals.

To the parents of our juvenile actors, for schlepping, waiting, and accommodating all the last-minute schedule changes: Elizabeth Anderman, Leiasa Beckham, April Fisher & Brad Peebler, Stacy Taylor, and Christine Young. And to Leiasa for offering her guest room to our out-of-town talent.

To the many artists and staff members who made uncredited contributions to the development of the project.

To the staff and performers of Club 1923 during 2015 and 2016 – it was a very good run. Including but not limited to: bar staffers Nicole Biewenga, Anca Botez, Kat Bushnell, Nathan Cann, William Chadwick, Lupe Jacques, Chris Libby, and Nick Sousa; casino dealers Dale Chung, Paul Crist, Michael Hussey, Tyler Kuhn, Brian Martin, and Korene Tom; managers Leah Gardner, Erin Gilley, Kirk Johnson, Josh Marx, Jason Nall, and Rebecca Power; entertainers Kevin Blake, Bosley the Magnificent, Greg Frisbee, Dan Holzman, and Lynx; and musicians Judy Butterfield, Matt Canon, Maestro Curtis, Franklin Davis, Larry Douglas, Amy Lizardo, David Otey, Paul Price, Nikola Printz, Justin Pyne, Hal Richards, Tommaso Sciortino, David Shaff, Eric Shiffrin, Ben Slater, Nola Verhike, and Winifred Williams

To Jenny Frost, who stepped in to save the day as our lighting-procurement guru.

To David Boehme, Gary Myrah, and Ben Stephens of VBO Tickets, who rose to every insane challenge we threw at them to create a one-of-a-kind ticketing solution.

And to many others, including: Giant Rabbit; Cheshire Isaacs; Alexandra de Behault; Leonid Kozlov; Jesse Tull; Wayne Hersant; Dori Daniels; Anna Beach; Dominic Li Mandri; Joe Caruba; Oliver Mar; Roy Chan; Erica Gee; Kathy Dooley; Marino Peradotto; Tyler Hafer; Jim Smith; Ignazio D’anna; Ronnie Pickern; Jose Leal; Bob Gianuario; Jeff Meyer; Tim Draper; Jaime Libby; and Christine Young

FINALLY…To the original cast, creative team, and technical staff of the North Beach production of The Speakeasy, none of whom knew exactly what they were getting into when they signed on to this epic journey, but who persevered with patience, determination, and grace to rise to one of the greatest challenges of our creative lives, and to create something unique and, hopefully, lasting. An experience to tell your grandkids about …