Looking to get dolled up for your big night out or maybe you’re an out-of-town visitor and didn’t bring your finest threads in tow? We are happy to assist in making your visit magical and complete with an authentic 1920s look! We offer rentals, sales, and accessory packages to help make your night out a special one.

Full details regarding our costume fitting, delivery, return, deposit and more can be found in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.


There are four different types of costume rentals to help make your experience with us magical: General, Premium, VIP, or an accessory package.

General Costume Rental

$75 - $125

Our professional wardrobe staff will work with you to make you feel good and look great! We have a wide selection of styles and sizes to choose from. We will make sure your night out on the town is the cat’s meow and all that jazz.

Premium Costumed Characters

$150 - $175

Ever want to live as someone else for the night? Enjoy one of our Premium Costumed Characters during your visit. We have a wide variety of characters to choose from: The Milkman, The Teacher, The Railroad Tycoon, and more! Each Premium Costumed Characters comes with a short biography of the character – you never know who you might run into during your visit…

VIP Costumed Characters

$250 - $500

When you rent a VIP Costumed Character, not only do we dress you to the nines, you also get special treatment, extra goodies and a guaranteed scene with one or more of our cast members. These are perfect for big celebrations or those who want to make sure they are a part of the action!

How to purchase:

  1. Purchase tickets to The Speakeasy
  2. The next screen will prompt you to add merchandise, add the character/experience to your cart
  3. Check-out

If you already purchased tickets to The Speakeasy fill out this form by clicking the RENT button below to add a VIP Costumed Character to your ticket order!

Accessory Package


Already have a costume but could use a little extra flash? Adorn your existing glad rags with accessories to make yourself look hotsy-totsy! The Flapper package includes: Headband, gloves, and costume jewelry. The Dapper package includes: bow tie, suspenders, and hat.

Costume Sales

The Dressing Room specializes in vintage clothing and costume sales. We have a unique selection of one-of-a-kind items ranging from shoes, hats, shawls, dresses, suits and more! We also offer a variety of accessory packages to help complete your look.

Visit The Dressing Room for more details and options.

Frequently asked questions

As early as the Monday before your scheduled performance (subject to availability).

Yes! For an additional fee (based on actual shipping charges) we can mail the costume to you.

**Please note, as with any online or catalog clothing purchase, there is a possibility of fit issues. Make sure you are as accurate as possible when sending sizes.

Yes!  Located at 748 Broadway, The Dressing Room has multiple changing rooms and a designated area to store your street clothes. We will give you a 4 hour window to get into costume before your Speakeasy check in time.

No. However, with each rental there is a contract that must be signed before releasing the costume. The contract clearly states the replacement cost of each item, and notes that if anything is damaged beyond repair, not returned, etc, the card on file will be charged the amount stated on the contract.

Yes! We have accessories packages available for rent at $30, and for purchase at $50. The women’s package includes: Headband, gloves, and costume jewelry. The men’s package includes: bow tie, suspenders, and hat (top hat or derby for rental; newsboy cap for purchase). Visit The Dressing Room for more information.

Yes. Our dress code is strictly enforced on Saturday, and optional on other performances. However, we encourage all of our patrons to dress up no matter what date they are attending to be fully immersed in the fun. 1920’s apparel is preferred, and cocktail attire is also acceptable. Cocktail attire includes a button down collared shirt and tie with slacks and dress shoes; or cocktail style dresses and dress shoes. Tennis shoes, yoga pants, T-shirts, denim, or other casual clothes are not considered acceptable on Saturday evenings. Patrons who are dressed up are more likely to be chosen for audience interaction.