Dozens of journalists agree The Speakeasy is extraordinary!

“It could be easy for a moment to might think you’re stepping into an old movie.”
“An extraordinary night out, The Speakeasy is both a time warp and a head trip.”
“The Speakeasy deserves to be a fixture in the Bay Area theater scene.”
“The Speakeasy’ is everything I love about San Francisco.”
“A voyeur’s playland.”
“The verdict: an absolute must-see!”
“The Top 10 FOMO Events in San Francisco.”
“A hipster version of “Beach Blanket Babylon” as forbidden cocktails flow, flappers flap and gamblers roll the dice.”
“You find yourself inside a gambling den and cabaret that’s been filled to the brim with bathtub hooch. Outside, Prohibition has cleaned the streets but you’re a member of the 1920s social elite — low on morals and high on strong cocktails.”
“I spent a lot of time trying to find The Next Big Thing in theater. Boxcar Theatre’s new production, The Speakeasy, is giving the S.F. theater scene some much-needed much ado…I am thrilled to say that The Speakeasy makes a strong case for being the best bar in San Francisco.”
“Everyone has a story — it is simply a matter of listening closely enough. Much like the lives of so many San Franciscans, The Speakeasy is the product of years sunken into a crazy dream. Accordingly, the play is a triumph.”
“The Speakeasy is a cross between a bar, interactive theatre, and a time machine.”
“We the audience, compliant in cocktail or period attire, drifted through various rooms and hallways — the bar, the casino, the cabaret and more — at our own volition.”
“…this iteration includes a bit about closeted homosexuals getting busted by cops, not to mention some discussion about segregation and racial tensions when an African-American singer is invited to sit on a stool at the bar because it’s his birthday.”
“The Speakeasy” is Boxcar Theatre’s most ambitious endeavor yet; it is an immersive, historically precise, site-specific experience that is unique. ”
“A classy, spellbinding show…”
“The Speakeasy’ is more aptly compared to the most stratospheric productions of Grand Opera than other contemporary theatrical efforts.”